‘Ten things to start doing to be a great leader’

‘How great leaders start their day’

‘The one thing that you need to stop doing to be a great leader’


How many articles on leadership have you read that start off like this, we’ve all read them.  You finish with a jobs list of ‘things’ you need to start doing. Get up five minutes earlier and meditate, get up half an hour early to workout, smile at people, say thank you, the list is endless. What always strikes me is they focus on the doing, on the behaviour, the individual is lost. It leaves me with ‘who are you?’


Leadership in my view can be over-complicated.  When I think about the great leaders I have encountered it’s not what they did I remember, it’s who they were.  Did they take ownership of situations, probably yes, did they ask for advice, probably yes but not because they’d read a list of behaviours but because it was who they were.  Leadership starts with you; how do you be a great leader of yourself?


If you’d rather press the snooze button in a morning instead of meditating does that mean that great leadership is out of your reach, I think not.  For me being a great leader of yourself can’t be achieved via a checklist. It’s as unique as you are. Who you are, not just for others but primarily yourself.  Focussing on great leadership in these terms feels limitless, the potential infinite, the choice all yours. Who needs a checklist when you’ve got yourself?


As part of our services we offer one to one coaching and team development.  If you’d like to discuss how we can support you in understanding what great leadership is for you, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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